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Logbook Servicing

When buying a new vehicle, the warranty that comes with it will provide a certain amount of protection from manufacturer faults that require repairs. To keep this warranty intact, it’s often stipulated that the vehicle be taken to a reputable workshop to undergo regular scheduled servicing, to catch these early faults as soon as possible and prevent more serious trouble later.

We can provide logbook servicing for all makes and models of passenger and light commercial vehicle, including petrol, diesel, LPG, electric and hybrid vehicles.

Brake Repairs

Your brakes are arguably your vehicle’s most important safety feature, often making the difference between an emergency stop and an expensive trip to the panel beater. Keeping your vehicle’s brakes in good condition is essential for safe motoring, particularly in urban areas with plenty of start-and-stop driving.

We can provide a range of services for your vehicle’s brakes, from replacement of worn brake pads, discs and drums to servicing your vehicles’ brake hydraulics. We can also machine new brake pads in-house, and restore your brake discs’ surface to extend the life of your parts.

Wheels, Steering & Suspension

If your vehicle’s experiencing body roll through corners, if it feels loose and unresponsive when at the wheel, or if you have other issues with handling or ride comfort on the road, it’s indicative of problems in your vehicle’s steering and suspension.

We can provide a comprehensive service your vehicle’s front end, repairing and replacing worn or broken parts from bushing, car springs and shock absorbers to power steering components and other steering column issues. We can also conduct wheel balancing and wheel alignments, to further minimise play in your steering, ensuring maximum ride comfort and handling. We can also arrange for the fitting and balancing of tyres for passenger vehicles, light commercials and 4x4s.

Clutch & Transmission

Trouble changing gears or staying in gear is indicative of a problem in your vehicle’s drive train, specifically with your transmission if it’s accompanied by strange noises or smells coming from the vehicle’s underside.

We can provide comprehensive servicing and repairs of your vehicle’s transmission, from replacing or repairing manual or automatic transmissions to transmission fluid changes to keep everything in working order. We’ll also check your clutch and hydraulics for issues that might create problems later.

Engine Repairs

Your engine is the power plant of your vehicle. Any problems within your engine are going to hamper your ability to drive your vehicle anywhere, least of all at its best performance or fuel efficiency.

We can offer servicing and repairs of all petrol and common-rail diesel engines, from engine rebuilds and reconditioning to injection system cleaning, fuel pump maintenance and head gasket repairs and replacement.

Radiators & Cooling Systems

Keeping your engine cool is vital to keeping your vehicle in good condition. An overheating engine can cause all manner of trouble, from physical damage to engine parts to corrosive deposits in the engine itself. If your vehicle is overheating, it’s imperative that you pull over immediately to let it cool, or drive it very carefully to our workshop for a check of your cooling system.

We can get your cooling system back in working order with replacement radiators, heater units and thermostats, as well as by conducting a coolant flush to remove any blockages or clogs in your lines that may be interfering with your cooling.

Exhaust Repairs

Your vehicle’s exhaust is responsible for pulling spent engine fumes away from your vehicle’s engine and cabin, ensuring clean air reaches your engine for optimal performance and letting your passengers breathe easily.

We can provide repairs for your vehicle’s existing stock model exhaust, or recommend from a range of aftermarket mufflers, extractors or headers to get the most out of your engine.

Air Conditioning

Having a properly functioning air conditioning system is an essential for comfortable driving, particularly through Australia’s warmer months. But even when not regularly using your vehicle’s air con, it can develop cracks and leaks, affecting your system’s ability to keep your vehicle cabin cool.

We can repair or replace your vehicle’s existing air conditioning unit, as well as replace any damaged hosing, before arranging for a re-gassing once we’re satisfied your vehicle’s air con is air-tight.

Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

As modern cars become more and more sophisticated in terms of the electronic features and tools that come as standard, only the most dedicated auto electricians can keep pace and provide the most up to date repairs and servicing.

Our workshop comes equipped with the latest in diagnostic scan tools, allowing us to locate faults throughout your vehicle quickly and repair them effectively. We can also provide replacement batteries, alternators and starter motors, and install a range of audio and lighting solutions.